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Thank You

Posted: January 31, 2010 in SUSHI
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Thank you all for coming out and gave us your support in our “Hope for Haiti” event.  
It was a great success, and the house was definitely full.

Special thanks to Amie Nguyen for hosting and the rest of SD staffs for running around and working so hard to make this night possible. 
Arms up to all our fans who participated, sponsored, helped out, and/or donated gifts to our raffle sales and our open auction. 
Not to forget our special performers; Artinair, John Gatus, Glenn Gravengard, and DJ Juice. We are much appreciative.
Everyone’s generosity is well applauded.

More updates to come.
Please check out our Photo Galleria for your photos 🙂


I like it Raw

Posted: January 23, 2010 in SUSHI
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 Big Thanks To Everyone that made it out! “I LIKE IT RAW” was a Huge Success!!!

All the Dj’s Rocked this Sushi House! Even the police came in to check them out.

“Here’s how the story goes, what was once a fairly run of the mill Sushi restaurant (Simply Delicious) has recently went through a management change and some renovations.. Like the addition of leopard print Chaise lounge chairs, a wall of framed comic books, one of those giant wooden bears you used to see around Vancouver streets and an assortment of neon signs that say things like “Vacuum”… And upon further inspection.. Turn tables and a dance floor!!! BOOM! They have some of the cheapest booze in town, at 3.25 beers and 3 dolla Hi-Balls… It just seems like the perfect place to have a party. So Stephen Hardie a.k.a Steve-J and Mark Summers a.k.a. Granny will be behind the wheels of steel…. And I’ll be on the dance floor… So I guess what it is… Is a Dance party at a sushi restaurant where no one has had a dance party before….with cheap booze!! I think this is gonna be a lot of fun.. ” 
*Review  by C.F.
Check out our PHOTO GALLERIA for some awesome shots of the night!
Thank you Jordan ad Ray for putting out an awesome party! Totally exceeded our expectation and looking forward to the next Jersey Shore 604 Style event.


Dress up like your favorite person from Jersey Shore.
Blow outs, pooofs, fist pumping, GUIDOS & GUIDETTES.
Drink Specials $3 Alize and 7
$3.25 Budweiser $3.75 for other beers.
DJ Sweezy from Vic. on the 1’s and 2’s
A lounge atmosphere that serves great sushi and booze @SD Galleria  
* It’s on the 2nd Floor*…Invite your friends!!!