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What’s the ultimate yummy finger licking food?—The chicken WINGS!

In the last couple of months, we’ve been getting an overwhelming requests for chicken wings, especially  due to the popularity of our wing specials.  We’ve had customers, friends and family emailing, telling us, and even calling us demanding more chicken wings special to our menu. The thought of cold beer , WINGS, the game, great company, and in the relaxing atmosphere of SD appeal to our customers.

Naturally we are in agreeance, so we’ve secretly put together some new wing recipes ready to please.  Because when Vancouverites have wing cravings (SD Galleria style), we need to give it to them.  “See a need, fill a need”.

You want spice? We’ll give you spicy! Try our Red Devils- the wings that gets you horns!



I like it Raw

Posted: January 23, 2010 in SUSHI
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 Big Thanks To Everyone that made it out! “I LIKE IT RAW” was a Huge Success!!!

All the Dj’s Rocked this Sushi House! Even the police came in to check them out.

“Here’s how the story goes, what was once a fairly run of the mill Sushi restaurant (Simply Delicious) has recently went through a management change and some renovations.. Like the addition of leopard print Chaise lounge chairs, a wall of framed comic books, one of those giant wooden bears you used to see around Vancouver streets and an assortment of neon signs that say things like “Vacuum”… And upon further inspection.. Turn tables and a dance floor!!! BOOM! They have some of the cheapest booze in town, at 3.25 beers and 3 dolla Hi-Balls… It just seems like the perfect place to have a party. So Stephen Hardie a.k.a Steve-J and Mark Summers a.k.a. Granny will be behind the wheels of steel…. And I’ll be on the dance floor… So I guess what it is… Is a Dance party at a sushi restaurant where no one has had a dance party before….with cheap booze!! I think this is gonna be a lot of fun.. ” 
*Review  by C.F.